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Remus Lupin
Husband, best friend, the man she loves.
Harry Potter
The Boy Who Lived seems pretty normal, really. Except for that hero complex.
Hermione Granger
Anyone as loyal to their friends as all that is good people.
Sirius Black
Her mum's favorite cousin, and one of her favorite people, despite being a former escaped convict. Tonks is ecstatic to have him around.
Luna Lovegood
She keeps showing up for battles. An odd duck, but that's never stopped Tonks from liking anyone.
Neville Longbottom
Like Luna, he keeps showing up for battles. Harry trusts him, and so does Tonks.
Albus Dumbledore
The fearless leader. She's willing to go down fighting for this man.
Draco Malfoy
She would often like to forget that he's actually her cousin. But for the moment, he's apparently on their side.
Severus Snape
Is he a murderer who betrayed them all? Tonks doesn't know what to think anymore.
Narcissa Black
Draco's mother, Tonks's aunt. But she's sixteen. Tonks is reserving judgment.


Horatio Caine
((CSI: Miami)) He's in law enforcement, just like Tonks. He may be a Muggle, but he seems to share a lot in common with her.
((BBC's Merlin)) Merlin. The Merlin. ...who is apparently some sort of indentured servant, and magic is illegal where he comes from. Tonks is endlessly interested in him.
Terra Branford
((Final Fantasy VI)) A sweet girl, who also uses magic. They may be developing a sort of friendship.
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