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004 // [action]

[It's time for Tonks to take a turn in the House of Personas. What is she seeing? Lots of things. In one mirror, there is a person with ever-changing features, never staying with one look for more than a few seconds before shifting again. In another mirror, a teenage girl in Hogwarts robes, with bright yellow hair, is getting herself into trouble again. One mirror shows a small child, her hair sky blue, climbing a tree (and possibly falling out of it).

Then there's the mirror showing a pale young woman with mousy brown hair. She looks worried, and sad. She is joined by a large, silvery creature that looks like a wolf of some sort.

But that's not the mirror Tonks stops to stare at, transfixed. The mirror she's looking at, her face slack with surprise, doesn't seem all that special at first glance - in fact, it just looks like her. Except the mirror-Tonks is clearly pregnant.]

003 // [voice/action]

[The book starts recording just in time for a loud crash to issue somewhere in the near background. It sounds like a metal pan hitting a tile floor.]

Woops! Sorry about that. No harm done...

[A few seconds pass, as she picks up the pan (and presumably cleans up what was in it).]

Anyway, what I was going to say is, if anyone should happen to run into a tall chap, with brown hair, looking a bit tired, answers to the name Remus Lupin, please let him know that he'd better hurry home, otherwise his dinner will be cold.

He's probably in the library.


[Anyone who happens to wander into the kitchen area of building 3 on the fourth floor will see Tonks, pink hair more than a little floury as she fixes what clearly smells like shepherd's pie. She's not a bad cook, just so clumsy that she tends to make quite a bit of mess and noise.]

002 // [action]

[Tonks is currently sitting outside building 3, knees drawn to her chest. Passersby might notice that she appears to be concentrating intently at the ground around her feet.

Every so often, someone may notice something about her... change. Her bubblegum pink hair switches to neon green, icy blue, or fiery red. Or her nose suddenly becomes larger and beak-like, or rounder and button-like.

How and why is she doing this? You could always ask.]

001 // [accidental voice]

[There's an audible sort of thud. She tripped, and dropped the book, so it fell open. Quite convenient, that. She's muttering to herself, of course. No one else to talk to just yet.]

Oh, bugger all, why am I even carrying the stupid thing anyway? I can't believe this. Where is everyone? If these wings are some Death Eater trick, it's a very poor one indeed...

[There's a bit of rustling as she inspects them again, then a heavy sigh.]

Remus? Harry? Bugger the Death Eaters, I need to find my way out of here, and find my husband!