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Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin

011 // [accidental video]

[Tonks has been conspicuously absent the last few days. When the recording device clicks on, it quickly becomes apparent why.

She's curled up in a chair with a cup of tea, her hair, instead of its usual bright pink, or green, or yellow, is a tame, mousy brown. Her heart-shaped face looks slightly pale, while her eyes are red-rimmed.

She sniffs quietly, staring off into space, clearly lost in thought.]
Tags: !video, bawww, missing: one husband, not exactly good at hiding her feelings, this flat is quite empty
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April 12 2010, 22:10:32 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  April 12 2010, 22:10:47 UTC

[She looks up, startled at the sound of a voice.]

Oh, bloody hell. Wotcher, Hermione.
[She understands more than she wants to admit.]

Do you need anything? [Like someone to keep you company.]
I dunno. It. There's, uh. Tea here, if you'd like.

[Come on over, Hermione.]
That might be nice.

[She'll bring her own as well, plus a nice otter Patronus. With the sharp crack of Apparition, there's a knock at Tonks' door.]
[Hey there, Hermione. Tonks will let you into the flat. It looks kind of empty. Like there used to be two people living here, and now there's only one, and she hasn't had time to spread her things around much.

Kind of sad, really.]

Tea is the answer to all of life's problems. At least, that's what Molly Weasley told me.
[Hermione examines Tonks' face as soon as she walks in, frowning a little bit in worry. She'll offer the tea as the otter skitters inside and plops herself down on the floor to watch the two humans.]

And Mrs. Weasley would know best. Are you doing all right, Tonks?

[It's a mostly rhetorical question, but Hermione likes to be sure.]

And would you like to sit down or take a walk?
Ah, sorry about that, mate. These journals like to pick the worst times to... well. Inconvenient.
[He ignores all of that in favour of:] What's the matter?
Remus is gone.

[He sounds concerned.]
N - No.

Home, I s'pose.
Oh. [He beings, lamely.] I'm really sorry to hear that, Tonks.


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[Oblivious Ron may be oblivious, but concerned.]

Tonks? Is something wrong?
Remus. He's gone.

[He hadn't even known Remus was here.]

At least now he's where he ought to be, right?
Yeah, I mean. Yeah. Right.
Well, I know it doesn't feel that way now....

[Give Ron a sec; he sucks at these things called emotions.]

Er... d'you need anything?
I'll be all right. Hermione is dropping by. Just need a little tea and sympathy, I think.
Okay. Well, er,... if you need anything that I can actually do, you let me know, yeah?



6 years ago

[Quiet, hesitant, but definitely concerned.]

...Tonks? I...what has happened?
[A brief pause.]

My husband is gone. Back home.
[For a moment, there's no noise--just horrified silence. But she forces herself to speak, after that.]

...I'm so sorry. Do you need anything?
Tonks, is there anything that you need?

[Sirius sounds very worried about her. ;~; Poor Tonks.]