Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin (auror_dora) wrote,
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008 // [action]

[Tonks has been such a slacker lately. The most magic she's done in the past couple of weeks has been to change her hair color, and that doesn't even really count for her. She's an Auror, she needs to stay in practice.

The dummies at the barracks aren't a very good substitute for an actual dueling partner, but there aren't many people here who she would be willing to have a go with. Back home, it'd be Shacklebolt, hands-down, but he's not here, thank Merlin, so she's just setting fire to a dummy and putting it out with her wand.

If nothing else, it's a bit cathartic. Right now, the flames are green and pink, and she adds some purple in, too.]
Tags: !action, highly trained auror, moody would be so ashamed, needs a dueling partner, she's very friendly, training day
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