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011 // [accidental video]

[Tonks has been conspicuously absent the last few days. When the recording device clicks on, it quickly becomes apparent why.

She's curled up in a chair with a cup of tea, her hair, instead of its usual bright pink, or green, or yellow, is a tame, mousy brown. Her heart-shaped face looks slightly pale, while her eyes are red-rimmed.

She sniffs quietly, staring off into space, clearly lost in thought.]

010 // [voice]

Anyone who wants to train, how does tomorrow afternoon sound? Meet up at the barracks, pair off, have at it? Everyone is welcome.

...Might need someone with first aid training on hand, as well. Not sure there's any way to stop people from potentially getting hurt. But, you know, people going to fight in that war and all. Good training for everyone.

009 // [voice]

First rule of self-defense, you know. Never drink a potion someone just offers you. And especially not one that just appears in the middle of a town square. Bloody hell.

Anyone ever thought of starting a dueling club of some sort? It might be difficult to organize, seeing as some of us use magic and some don't, and those who do use magic seem to do it differently depending on where we come from, but still. Just because it poses a challenge doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted. We could try to pair people up with similar abilities, lay down a few ground rules, and have some fun!

[Tonks is not affected by the experiment, sorry!]

008 // [action]

[Tonks has been such a slacker lately. The most magic she's done in the past couple of weeks has been to change her hair color, and that doesn't even really count for her. She's an Auror, she needs to stay in practice.

The dummies at the barracks aren't a very good substitute for an actual dueling partner, but there aren't many people here who she would be willing to have a go with. Back home, it'd be Shacklebolt, hands-down, but he's not here, thank Merlin, so she's just setting fire to a dummy and putting it out with her wand.

If nothing else, it's a bit cathartic. Right now, the flames are green and pink, and she adds some purple in, too.]

007 // [voice]

Is there a party going on that I haven't heard about?

006 // [voice/action]

I love snow. Reminds me of Hogwarts.

Anyone for a snowball fight?

[Yes, Tonks is outside CH3, building snowmen and gathering a large collection of snowballs. She is doing this largely by hand, rather than using her wand.]
[The entry has been very carefully filtered, though the message itself is rather hastily scrawled.]

Wesley? Would you be able to help me out with something?